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Kofa National Wildlife Refuge


This is the entry kiosk - 4+ miles of dirt road off the highway and it the middle of noplace. We really enjoy Kofa NWR - been there before. Kofa is a contraction of the King of Arizona Mine which operated 1897-1910. It is 665,400 acres of which 516,000+ is designated wilderness. Bighorn sheep and other wildlife but we have not seen any of it - think you have to get up into the hills more.

Kofa NWR


Near the entry kiosk.

McPherson Pass


A 15 mile drive over a pass. Only a couple of places that were not really meant for a large pickup truck like ours. We have done it before but think we have done it enough now.

McPherson Pass


McPherson Pass

McPherson 13website.jpg

Sadie is such a trooper! She just is so happy to be included!

McPherson Pass


The worst "intermittent stream" we had to cross. It was very short and steep to go back up and solid rock in the center. We went around thru rocky dirt and spun the tires in 4wd and leaned "just a little".

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