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McPherson Pass


One of the lesser challenges.

McPherson Pass


Yup, middle of noplace!

Kofa NWR

Rob Roy.jpg

There are many old mines in Kofa; most are abandoned. Some have "No Trespassing" signs and people live there. Not sure they are legally there but I am not one to question it! The old Rob Roy mine road was open and had many junk vehicles and shacks. But there was in information post there by this shack and we were reading it when this fellow came out. His vocabulary was "Yup, Nope" for the most part of the 5 minutes. Been living there alone since "82". Would have loved to take some images of him but did not want to ask - quick shot as we were leaving.

Palm Canyon Area


Palm Canyon is way on the north end of Kofa. Old mines in this area as well. Here are old cans, broken very old glass and a few grave markers (rock piles with a post).

Palm Canyon Area


Palm Canyon Area


Palm Canyon is in the dark section of the middle of the photo.

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