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Fox River in Geneva, IL - our hometown


Mississippi River


Barges moving on the river. When we lived in Minneapolis we logged over 8000 miles pleasure boating on "The River" and encountered much barge traffic and went thru locks hundreds of times. All can be very dangerous.

Mississippi River


Lock & dam at Alma, WI

Lake Minnetonka


At the dock in Excelsior, MN. We spent a lot of time on this huge lake which as about 8 miles from our house. Barbara worked in a pharmacy for 17 years one block from this dock.

Lake Pepin

LBS Lake Pepinwebsite.jpg

A 22 mile long widening of the Mississippi River - we would boat down thru this lake and primitive camp on a sandbar with the children about 5 miles south of it. Lake Pepin was the birthplace of water skiing.

Split Rock Lighthouse


On North Shore of Lake Superior.

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