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About Sadie

Sadie 10-18-11  xvwebsite.jpg

(Picture taken in back yard 10-18-11) Woof (that is "dog" for Hi), I'm Sadie Ann - mostly they call me Sadie! I am an Australian Terrier and not a real common breed. I was born 7-30-05 in CO and was to be the pick of the litter puppy for a breeder in Phoenix. Well, due to health circumstances at the time she could not take me and offered me to my wonderful new parents. Her name is Ann, which is how I got my middle name. I arrived at my new home on November 5, 2005. They have never had a pedigree dog before (my "official" name is Blue Moon Gabby's Princess - Sadie means Princess you know). So I have to let them know we pedigree dogs are not just for show; we can be a wonderful pet - that is what they wanted. I mean, my whole family was champions for the last four generations - my half brother (we had the same father) was Best of Breed at the Westminster Show in 2006. I try not to get too snooty about that! I am a real terrier - during my first year they called me The Holy Terrier! LOTS of energy then and now. But I went to puppy / obedience schools and have also had snake training - boy, don't want to tangle with those rattlesnakes. I am a very good dog and we share lots of love and companionship in the house. Mom and Dad take me hiking - boy, I love that - up and down and over rocks and logs and all kinds of things! They call me the Trail Boss!