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Revelstoke, BC 1website.jpg

Mt. Revelstoke


Mt. Revelstoke View

022 7-25 Mt. Revelstoke 15 ps.jpg

We LOVE Revelstoke!

Hemlock Grove Trail

7-22 Hemlock Grove Trail 1email.jpg

Hemlock Grove Trail

Giant Cedars Trail - Revelstoke NP, BC 3website.jpg

Begbie Falls

024 7-21 Begbie Falls Hike 1 ps.jpg


Begbie Falls

Begbie Falls - British Columbia 2website.jpg


Othello Tunnels

025 8-1 Othello Tunnels 11 psemail.jpg

These are down by Hope, BC - former rail lines with great history of being built through several tunnels; great engineering feat. Now a trail.