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Bluff, UT Amazing Family!


While at Bluff Fort we met this French family. They are riding these bicycles with all their gear from Edmonton, Canada to Buenas Aires, Argentina! The children are 9, 7 and 5. The two youngest ride on the front of the parents bikes and have pedals of their own. The 9 year old girl rides her own bike. One of the most amazing families we have ever met!

Snowstorm Near Capitol Reef - Torrey

Snowstorm at Torrey 2006 - updated 10-12-12website.jpg

Goosenecks State Park


San Juan River.

Hovenweep National Park


Very interesting place and very well done.

Hovenweep National Park


Hovenweep National Park


Hovenweep National Park


Valley Of The Gods


About 40-50 miles north of Monument Valley and, in many respects, just as beautiful. And the road is very good.

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