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Coachella Valley Preserve

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This is just north of Indio - in all of our trips to this area we have never stopped there. What a treasure. The trek out and back is about 2.5 miles but so special.

Coachella Valley Preserve

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Coachella Valley Preserve

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Coachella Valley Preserve

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Coachella Valley Preserve

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Pines To Palms Highway


Highway 74 - aka Pines To Palms Highway - heads south from Palm Desert and immediately starts a major climb! This is a view of Palm Desert area from about 2 miles up. You can only see a portion of the twists and turns getting up there! We hike up here in the mountain area as it is cooler and we can take Sadie - dogs not allowed on trails down in Palm Desert area. San Juan Capistrano on the coast is only 120 miles from Palm Desert on this highway.

Cactus Springs Trail


Old dolomite mine - in the mountains up Highway 74.

Sawmill Trail


In the mountains up Highway 74. Barbara is pointing down to where we started...about 2 miles down via the old road. Far less if you go straight down!

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