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Indian Waters RV Resort In Indio


I found this place online and it was one of the nicest places we have ever stayed. And half price or less than going into Palm Desert (which you can drive to in 10-15 minutes) - one of the most reasonably places we have stayed anywhere and outstanding in so many respects - facilities, activities and maintenance. Hey, even free waffles, orange juice and coffee in the morning. And a concierge desk; NEVER seen that before!

Indian Waters RV Resort In Indio


This was the small pond out our back window at our site. I took many pictures of it with different camera settings and light.

Indian Waters RV Resort In Indio


Indian Waters RV Resort In Indio


Indian Waters RV Resort In Indio


Date Palm


How would you like to have a job picking dates?

Man In Field

CA Trip Potpourri 25website.jpg

We saw him day after day standing in this field; at first we thought it was a scarecrow. Don't know what was growing or why he stood there - sometimes doing a little walking.

Starbucks In Twenty Nine Palms

CA Trip Potpourri 22website.jpg

We were driving up to Joshua Tree National Park and stopped for coffee. He came in, ordered a coffee and went over and opened his pad. This taken with phone camera as quick shot. Love this image - wish I would have had a good camera!

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