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The Grand Canyon

Barbara & I have been fortunate to get to the Grand Canyon several times; we love it's amazing beauty. Although we have been to the North Rim twice we have spent most of our time at the South Rim where you can see the entire expanse and not just a limited view. And you have the sun at your back for photo work. Our winter visit there is on another link right below this one. (one picture at the end here for a teaser!)

I have also created a slideshow video which can be seen on YouTube - it is about an 8 minute presentation with music by Enya. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FY3j9G1g4sw Then click on the cog wheel in the lower right and go to at least 480 (720HD preferred) and then [] for full screen - Esc will take out of full screen. Enjoy!


Grand Canyon Rainbow 2  crop to right copyrightwebsite.jpg

Barbara & I took an after supper walk to the Rim with the dog and this is what we were treated to. Only lasted 5 minutes.

Grand Canyon SunriseWebsite copy.jpg

Grand Canyon - xAfter The Storm  - Sunrise at Yayapai Point 5Website copy.jpg

31 DSC08389crop xxWebsite copy.jpg

Sunset from western end


DSC_0320xxWebsite copy.jpg

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