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Barbara Cactus 1

Mt Wrightson sunset - Edited 7-2-10website copy.jpg

Barbara saw this cactus in our quest to find a saguaro with Mt. Wrightson in the background. This is the first - and my favorite - of many pictures of this. We named the "Barbara Cactus" and it has become my signature image. Got 1150 out of 1160 points by 116 judges; one of the highest rated images of all times by this judging group (over 1.5 million images have been submitted to this site).

Desert Mountain Sunrise

11-20 Walk 2website copy.jpg

Sunset Glow


Barbara Cactus Rainbow

8 - Barbara Cactus Rainbow Crop_edited-1website copy.jpg

Monsoon Sunset

DSC_2188xwebsite copy.jpg

Lauren Cactus Hazy Sunset

Lauren Cactussunset x JPEGwebsite copy.jpg

Monsoon Cacti

DSC_2255xwebsite copy.jpg

Monsoon Cumulus Clouds

DSC_2169x_edited-1website copy.jpg

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