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HUGE Saguaro !

Gol 1website copy.jpg

Has the nickname of Goliath. Largest I have ever seen and has THREE crests - even one crest is rare.

Stormy Cactus

5bc128xxxxwebsite copy.jpg

After The Storm

DSCN1747x_edited-1website copy.jpg

Desert - Mountain Sunrise

DSC_0370xxwebsite copy.jpg

On Independence Day I looked out from our backyard and saw the clouds by the mountains. So grabbed the camera and went out to one of my favorite spots.

Barbara Cactus 2

Barbara Cactusx550.jpg

This image is on a church website here in Green Valley - and we belong to another church!

Barbara Cactus Sunrise

Sunrise - Barbara Cactuswebsite.jpg

Hazy Sunset


Lauren Cactus

Lauren Cactus - evening sunwebsite.jpg

at sunset.

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