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Fort Bowie Cemetery


All the soldiers remains have been moved to National Cemeteries. Only civilians remain - note the first headstone.

Coronado National Forest


This is around the Chiricahua NM. (Photo by Barbara - hers turned out better than mine!)

Coronado National Forest


Coronado National Forest


Who says our Forest Service does not have a sense of humor?! You are seeing, by far, the best part of the road.

Bowie, AZ


A drive down this main street was more and more of what you see here. It is a big wide 4 lane street which was, I am sure, a thriving town ... then the interstate came alone and by passes the town. I shot lots of pictures along this street - could write a book on it. One wonders what it was really like in it's heydey - about 98% deserted now.

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