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Chiricahua National Monument


Sugarloaf Mountain trail.

Chiricahua National Monument


Sugarloaf Mountain trail.

Chiricahua National Monument


The "Trail Boss" taking a rest!

Chiricahua National Monument


End of Natural Brige trail - you can see the natural bridge in the distance.

Faraway Ranch


The Faraway Ranch was homesteaded by Swedish immigrants - whose son-in-law was primarily responsible for the establishment of the beautiful Chiricahua National Monument.

Faraway Ranch Swimming Pool


One very large bathtub!

Stafford Cabin


On the Faraway Ranch land. Was home of Ja Hu and his wife and 4 children - later turned into a guest house. I think Ja Hu was "Yahoo" in that the J in Swedish translated to a Y.

Fort Bowie


So much history here. Mainly involving Apache Indians - names like Cochise and Geronimo - and the cavalry. Great hike up there to go back in history - you can almost feel the presence. If you look closely you will see the American flag high on a pole - that was the center of the old fort.

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