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Mt. Princeton

805 Mt. PrincetonD.jpg

View through the back window of our RV. This is part of what is called the Collegiate Peaks - Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Colgate, Gustavus Adolphus, Luther, St. Olaf, Augsburg, etc.

St. Elmo

888 Store Post OfficeE.jpg

St. Elmo is a preserved, not restored, town. Magnificent! The entire town is a National Historic District.

St. Elmo

895 House Barbara SadieH.jpg

St. Elmo

890 May The Peace of the WildernessF.jpg

Nothing more can be said .......

St. Elmo

894 Chimney HouseG.jpg

St. Elmo

907 HummerI.jpg

Hummer at feeder at General Store.

What Can I Say?

913 Fancy door handleB.jpg

Driving back from St. Elmo we stopped at a BLM pulloff - well, when the handle is broke - improvise with the brush!

This RVing Just Wears Me Out!

Shadow SadieU.jpg

Caught this shadow shot and love it!

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